As stated by the the website Yearly Horoscope , good times in your life are all too easily overlooked, but this year 2019 is a period that you should use to best effect.

Friendly influences close at hand have you opening your eyes, taking a new look at a familiar scene or perhaps dreaming of far off places.

This is the special gift of Mars, your ruler, powering through the wide-open spaces of your travel section, so if you want to break into the true Aries pioneering spirit, then do like you know best and wait no further.

Stretching yourself does not feel like such an effort this year 2019 with an invisible cosmic safety net.


You have charm and social poise this year 2019, steering your way expertly through the reefs crowding you at work and home.

Slow and steady is your usual style, but even if your blood pressure rises at a challenge from a resolute rival, you have the foresight to see the bigger picture.

Playing the long game is the way forward now, with a diplomatic discretion that knows when to bear with people who don’t quite meet your exacting standards.

So far from creating factions, your inclusive spirit means you see the potential in everyone, and you find those who respond in kind.


You are in the home straight now, after a sometimes gruelling course, though there is no time to relax quite yet. Just when you thought you were out, something comes and drags you back in, a final mission to stretch you and prove yourself still further.

Saturn reversing back across your Sun is a challenge, but also an opportunity to prove what you have learned lately and show a little class.

Testing times keep your mind focused and you may even miss the obstacles you have faced, but soon the challenge becomes to find creative, enjoyable solutions to old questions.


Planets progressing through your relationship area let you hold the balance in important negotiations this year, so maybe time to dust off the power suit.

Gentle diplomacy is one of your most underrated skills and when others look to you for a lead, you know how to take on the role without upsetting the scene.

A fun break and a some romantic light relief fits the bill, though you may need a little premeditation, or even a slightly calculating approach to affairs. A midweek pow-wow makes it a lucky 13th for you with the Moon at home in your sign.


Leo is a sign that generally ‘basks’ very well and with Jupiter going through your sign, this is a time among times to lounge in the Sun.

However, while you are sitting back and soaking up the rays, it should not go unnoticed that this is a good time for a little positive change. Painless progress can be counted on with Pluto well positioned and with your sunny charm onside you don’t have to ruffle anyone’s tail feathers.

Exercise your imagination too, and if it’s hard to arrive at a definite image, have yourself some fun arriving at a colourful private fantasy.


This is a time to let fly and live a little if you have the nerve. You have felt on something of a knife-edge lately, with big choices to make and possible second- thoughts about your preferences, but now you can push through.

As well as dynamic Mars and Pluto making tight angles to your Sun, you can show a softer side and you can make the right impression despite the pressure.

Your sublime social skills kick in after the 5th and while this may not be the year when the actual love of your life walks in, getting out and about still pays romantic dividends.


While your instincts are generally fairly sharp, you can trust your intuition this year, sure in the knowledge imagination is on your side.

This applies both to a stylish touch applied to your wardrobe and to your insights into people – you are more sympathetic than usual, but this brings its own rewards.

A hard luck story poured out to you in an emotional moment reveals a particularly deserving case and appeals to the crusading spirit within you. If you have been looking for a good cause to pursue, someone is at hand to provide you with plenty of material to work with.


Your long-term prospects offer plenty to look forward to, so perhaps the best policy now is to go with the good times.

Keep your ambitions in proportion and focus on what you can definitely accomplish, and soon you find yourself in an enviably free position. The Moon in your sign on the 21st coincides neatly with the weekend, when you have the spirit working with you, so perhaps it is worth the wait if there are important decisions to be made.

A proposition at this time works well and finds the desired response at a time when other pleas fall on deaf ears.


While your world has narrowed lately in some respects, you now have a stronger handle on your goals. Saturn has lent you more sticking power too, understanding where you are going and how to get there, no longer content to bear with half measures.

Restrictions, restraints and unhelpful relationships have been dealt with, once you see you don’t have to put up with those who demand too much. If someone’s not feeding you, you’re not listening, which is precisely how things should be.

Your energy will soon be waxing, leaving you feeling bigger, brighter and stronger all-round.


Venus smooching through your sign is a time to dress in your finest and add a little touch of glamour to the proceedings.

Your sweet talk has all the desired effects and if someone’s public affection may cramp your style a little, you can still tolerate a little warmth from the right quarters.

The Moon in your opposite sign on the 13th signals a time to rest up, perhaps to ponder a recent re-surfaced opportunity, so time spent out of the spotlight does not go to waste. Social kudos can be yours, but you have to spend big to get the big rewards.


This is a great Aquarian year, with the new Moon in your sign on the 1st getting you off to the best possible start.

Highlight the day in red as a time to push your plans through, while an evening out in a suitably exotic location also hits all the right notes. This is also a new dawn for your feelings and an opportunity to root out past resentments and eventually look forward to fresh frontiers.

Mercury adds clarity to the mix, mid-year, giving you conversational charm enough to hold an audience when you are in need of a little attention.


You may feel rather pulled in two directions this year, not knowing whether to follow your heart or head.

With your twin chart rulers opposite each other, the answer may be ‘both’, though this makes increasing demands on your time and energy. You have the drive to succeed now and while your sharpened elbows may accidentally brush the wrong people at times, they still realise your best intentions.

A power struggle is to be avoided, however – wrestling with a determined control freak gives you no new answers, so sit tight and anticipate the exhilarating changes very soon to come.

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